Viva Taco Bar Caters the Wrap Party!

The smell of pork and beef made joggers and surfers going by turn their heads. Looking over to the party passing around beers, sharing tacos and petting dogs on the grass, everyone around could tell that this group knew each other well.

If they looked long enough, they might have recognized a few faces.

The cast and crew of a TV show spend substantial time together. One hour of television takes about one week to shoot, and a work day rarely means less than 8-12 hours. Naturally, the team becomes a pretty tight group.

Those on set for ABC’s The Catch felt no differently. The Catch first aired on May 19th, 2016. The story follows a top private investigator (Mireille Enos) as she, specializing in fraud and also a victim of fraud, chases down an expert con man (Peter Krause). The second season began on March 9th.

One cast member, who lives in Santa Barbara and commutes to LA during the season for filming, periodically invites the cast to leave the rat race of city life for a change of pace in her beautiful beach town of Santa Barbara. The cast has happily made the 90 mile drive for the season wrap party two years in a row. The wrap party is an all-day event. Some even stay the night to keep the party going. “After spending hours on set working, it’s nice to kick back and relax together,” says Isabelle Sanchez, one of the show's artists.

Having worked two seasons together, the background artists of The Catch have had plenty of time to form strong bonds. On The Catch, these artists play characters working in an office. Being a background artist is not easy: these professionals spend hours in a small room together, waiting for their time to be taken to set. They all have dreams of becoming lead characters on a show one day but, for now, are grateful to be on set pursuing their passion.

This year's wrap party not only centered on the celebration of another great season but also on a few personal milestones. The cast bid a farewell to two cast members who are leaving LA and won’t be back for the next season. They also integrated a baby shower into the day’s festivities, as one cast member has been pregnant since the start of the second season and will give birth soon.

Viva Taco Bar’s gourmet catering accented their relaxing Santa Barbara beach party. After ordering online, everything was set to go. All the party had to do was make the quick uber trip from their host’s place to the shoreline. The taco bar came delivered. “Having Viva Taco Bar cater the party made planning a breeze. They brought everything to the beach for us, and set it up,” said Kamilah Alexander.

We stick together and offer each other advice and share information on great agents and auditions around town. Even though we aren’t huge characters on the show, we play an important role to keep the office atmosphere believable.
— Amber Cliett.

As the sun set, the wind picked up, and a few cast members shared blankets. But, with the delivered fuel for the taco fillings, the tacos kept nice and hot for seconds and thirds. Once it got too cold to stay outside in shorts, cleanup went quickly. With public recycling available, everything delivered was immediately disposed.

This beach party is just one example of a Viva Taco Bar catering success. “The tacos were amazing,” stated fellow artist Tony Venturella, “And the beach atmosphere created a relaxing party that was worth the drive.”

It’s not a surprise that, even for T.V. actors living in LA, fresh tacos, friendship, and a Santa Barbara sunset are worth many miles.

Jessica McRee

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