Each Taco Bar comes with three of our gourmet fillings below, enough for each person to have at least three tacos! Every taco bar includes chips & salsavegetarian rice and beans, napkins, plates, utensils, serving trays and warmers (all recyclable equipment) — basically everything you'll need! We’ll even stick around to facilitate and clean up after your event for an extra fee.

Taco bars, extra toppings, additional items and burritos are priced per person. Minimum order is 10 people. 

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Choice of three for $12.95/person
Minimum order 10 people

spit-roasted pork

short rib beef

shredded chicken

Succotash Veggies
grilled vegetable medley


Every taco bar comes with these toppings.


Pico de gallo

Red salsa

Tomatillo salsa

Lime wedges

Jack cheese


Onion/cilantro mix

Shaved cabbage


Rice and vegan beans included every time.

VTB_WebGraphic_MenuHeader_ Enchiladas.png

Serves 15-20 people


Cheese $29.99

Beef $39.99

Farmers Market Veggie $34.99

Chicken Mole $39.99


Shrimp & Crab $44.99


Choose your tortillas:



(50/50 split)

Gluten Free Option Available:
25 Cauliflower tortillas for $24.99


Serves 15-20 people


Guacamole $25

Fajita Veggies (serves 15-20 people) $19.99


Churros $39.95


$11 each

braised short rib, red onion, jack cheese, tres-chiles salsa, crema, rice, beans

Spicy shredded chicken, red onion, jack cheese, crema, rice, beans

spit-roasted pork, red onion, jack cheese, grilled pineapple salsa, crema, rice, beans

Farmers Market Veggie
Butternut squash, swiss chard, rainbow kale, poblano rajas, onion, jack cheese, rice, beans

Burritos include chips and salsa


Family Style Salads serve 15-20 people

Caesar Salad $33.49

Add protein:
Chicken $14.99
Filet Mignon $24.99

Casa Salad 33.49

Add protein:
Chicken $14.99
Filet Mignon $24.99

Southwest Salad $33.49

Add protein:
Chicken $14.99
Filet Mignon $24.99

Spinach Salad $33.49

Add protein:
Chicken $14.99
Filet Mignon $24.99


Mini Churros $39.95
Serves 15 - 20 people
Made in-house!

gluten free ~ GF / gluten free upon request ~ GFUR / vegetarian ~ V / vegan ~ Vn / vegan upon request ~ VnUR